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About Us

About Us

The efficiency of our contractors ensures excellent drywall repair services. We use great quality spackles for blemish repair, the best coatings in California in terms of quality and can promise excellent drywall plastering, removal and installation quickly, neatly and efficiently.

Address: Walnut St
Torrance, California
Zip code: 90501
Phone: 310-957-3157

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
We excel in vinyl wall covering, drywall patch repair, acoustic ceiling removal, kitchen and bathroom tile installation, and drywall texturing

Drywall repair is an important part of your home maintenance. “Drywall Repair Torrance” has the resources and experience in all aspects of drywall tasks that help preserve and increase the value of your home. From tasks as small as patchwork in an apartment to a large conference room with numerous sheets hang and finish, we got the skills and competence to complete quality job at the best possible time.

The drywall is of vital importance for both home and building construction as it makes up the walls and ceilings. Without this material, the structure will not feel secure. It is important to ask professionals to install and repair drywall, first because it is not an easy job, and second is to avoid risks of having problems in the future. Properly installed gypsum board leads to even walls and ceilings that are free of cracks, knocks and gaping hole. Our professional drywall contractor will find out the problem at a particular area of your home and repair such area. We can also work with the drywall of your entire home. He could tell you if you need a new set installed.  

Services We Offer

As your full time drywall services provider, Drywall Repair Torrance has been serving the city and the surrounding area with professional installation and repair. We work with small and large homes and buildings, and we are equally dedicated in offering drywall patching and other repair needs. We know very well how our customers would like to make their home’s appearance as beautiful and functional as ever, and we work with this in mind.

Whether you are on your way to constructing your dream home or you simply need a patch on a small hole in your wall, our team will strive to meet your needs. We offer full drywall installation or hanging, which includes various textures and also complete repair. Each job is approached with quality and careful attention to detail, ensuring that your home is treated properly. We have the capacity to work with all residential projects, remodeling and home improvements, commercial projects, detailed drywall finishing, as well as minor and full-scale patches and repairs. There is nothing we cannot do that is related to drywall, so do not hesitate to call us. Get in touch with us and our friendly representative will attend to you. You may ask more information about our services or avail a no obligation price quote.

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