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Types of Drywall

Types of Drywall
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Drywall comes in standard type, which is suitable for many applications, but it also comes in other types that are more appropriate for special circumstances. It is best to know the various types of this material to assess which one is best used, considering the location of your home and the moisture quality of a particular room. The regular type is colored brown on one side, and white on the other. It is economical and is available in various sizes and thickness. Aside from this standard type, you can find green board, blue board, paperless, purple, Type X, and soundproof drywall.

Characteristics of Drywall Types

Types of DrywallThe green board drywall is a moisture resistant drywall that features a green covering. Though not waterproof, this covering makes it moisture resistant than a standard type of drywall. It is used in limited wet locations such as laundry or kitchen. The blue board drywall on the other hand, is also called plaster baseboard for it is used for veneer plastering. Its surface paper has absorption qualities and it has a high mold and water resistance. However, this type is not made for paint, tape and mud, but blue board is very suitable for high moisture areas, is able to reduce noise, and has low emission.

Paperless is another drywall type. It is being used as replacement to paper type. It is covered with fiberglass that protects gypsum board from rot, mold and mildew. Furthermore, the quality is tougher compared to a regular drywall, and some users find it easy to cut. However, it has some popcorn textures that need joint compound application in order to achieve a smooth finish. The purple drywall is almost similar to a regular type, but it is more resistant to moisture and mold. It can be used for both wall and ceiling and is ideal if homeowners want a mold and mildew resistant product.

Also called fire-resistant drywall, Type X is available in various thicknesses for higher rating. Proper drywall plans are needed to achieve this quality. It is more difficult to cut than standard types and is commonly used for garages and apartments. Lastly, you may ask your drywall contractor about the soundproof type, if you want less noise in your room. It has laminated sheets with mix of gypsum, wood fibers and polymers and is denser than regular ones. If you are planning a drywall home remodel, your installer can tell you which type best suits an area of your home.

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